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Monday, November 29, 2010


owl decals: [croire] owl wall decal (black) (by Emily Kaestner)
heart frame: [*Art Dummy!] Tin Heart (by Gala Charron)
lamp: [North West] Bitter lamp (red flowers) (by Lili Brink)
left yellow chair: The Loft - Bryn Armchair Yellow (by Colleen Desmoulins)
bench: The Loft - Suede Storage Bench (by Colleen Desmoulins)
tray: The Loft - Tea Tray (by Colleen Desmoulins)
right yellow chair: [*Art Dummy!]  (Brick) Yellow Chair 2.0 (by Gala Charron)
basket: [*Art Dummy!] Traveling Basket (by Gala Charron)

rug: Zigana - Rug sand ($10) (by Nalena Fairey)
table: {SS} Cider House Table (by Stein Shilova)
incense: ) AI ( - "Waxing Moon", Single Stick Incense in a Stone Boat (free--midnight mania) (by AlchemyImmortalis Cyannis)
letters: [croire] letters from the attic (free) (by Emily Kaestner)
flower: *chronokit* lily white (free) (by Emily Kaestner)
cat: shop seu (1 prim) (by seu Ahn)
left bike pic: ::AB:: Flower Shop Bicycle print (free) (by Clementine Ishtari)
cabinet: *~MMG's~* Drawer cabinet+3Photoframe_4prim [milky] (by masomaso Quan)
vases: Turnip's Summer Mosaic Pot (by Turnip Sorbet)
right flowers pic: :: AB :: Paris Bicyle print (free) (by Clementine Ishtari)
pouf: The Loft - Alex Pouf (by Colleen Desmoulins)
panda/girl painting: .::PopArt::. Picture mjkl ($1) (by Fionna Cale)
red pouf: [ARIA] Mela Pouf (by Yelo Uriza)

book on floor: :: AB :: The Velveteen Rabbit (w/pages) (by Clementine Ishtari)
coffee table: Magoa ~ Iconic Table (Grace Kelly) (by Keira Seerose)
alarm clock: [North West] Little Alarm Clock (pink) (by Lili Brink)
laptop: made by my friend Fancy Scrabblebat
teddy bear: *SHOP SEU* 1prim TeddyBear -flower- (by seu Ahn)
couch: The Loft - Alex Sofa Black (by Colleen Desmoulins)
vintage pics: Tatty Soup ($10 each) (by Tab Tatham)
rug: Zigana (by Nalena Fairey)

Pumpkins: Concrete Flowers - Painted Pumpkins (free) (by Daizy Dumpling)
wall fan: /artilleri/ simple blue wall fan (by Antonia Marat)
books/bird: LISP - Gatcha - Book Birdy (by Pandora Popstar)
clock: /artilleri/ Charles wall clock (by Antonia Marat)
canvases: [ARIA] Mela canvas trio (by Yelo Uriza)
butterfly lights: [croire] butterfly lights (by Emily Kaestner)

Skybox: Tee*fy - Season Skybox (by Azure Electricteeth)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Delights of Daydreams

(from left to right)
Skybox: PASH ~ Little Haven Skybox *Inara* (Everything there is under $5.....this skybox comes furnished and unfurnished!)
Boxes: IZUMIYA ~ Old Cloth Box/Brown and Teal (FREE---on floor at store)
Pots: Turnip's Home ~ Mosaic Pots (From a past 50L Friday) (oops texture didn't rezz)
Chandelier: Kyoot Home ~ Mason Jar Chandelier (from this past 50L Friday)
Painting: L'Aristocrat by Rhonda Molinaro ----found at Morantique ($150)
Couch: Tatty Soup ~ Idlers Couch (FREE--was sent through subscribo)
Rugs: Croire ~ Rugs from the Attic (FREE---1k subscribo gift)
Shelves: Kyoot Home ~  Drawer Set 5 (FREE---was sent through subscribo, there is another version on the lucky boards)
Lamp: {theosophy} Whixley Lamp (FREE---was sent through subscribo)
Flower Pots: Kyoot Home ~ Bright Flower Pots (FREE--on the lucky board)
Wall Art: Shopaholic's Anonymous ($25)
Dresser: Gritty Kitty ~ Coffee Rings Dresser ($60)
Picture Frame: Junkyard ~ drag and drop picture frame ($100)
Candle: Herbalys ~ Candle Magi (FREE--at store)
Flowers: Aria ~ Lilo teacup with flowers (Free or $1 at the Freestyle Evil Lair)
Pillows: Second Spaces
Notebooks: BP* (past group gift)
Slippers: Surf Co
Books: SunnyM. ~ Little Book Pile

Monday, July 19, 2010


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Skybox: Molto Bene! - SL House & Garden Group Gift Skybox (FREE-55 Prims)
Easel: Concrete Flowers ~ Art Easel (2 Prims) ($39)
Beach and Surfin Signs: Tatty Soup (1 Prim Each) ($10 each)
Shelf with Books: Tatty Soup ~ Kokomo Shelf (7 Prims) ($40)
Pot: Turnip's Homes and Stuff ~ Turnip's Summer Mosaic Pot (large) (From this past 50LF)
Table: Tatty Soup ~ In My Room Table (2 Prims) ($40)
Book: Tatty Soup ~ Old Book (2 Prims) (FREE)
Candles: Tatty Soup ~ 3 Candles (3 Prims) ($10)
Wooden Fish: Tatty Soup (4 Prims) ($20)
Bird Picture: Tatty Soup (2 Prims) ($10)
Sun Mirror: True Love Never Dies (2 Prims) ($50)

Frames: Once Upon a Time ~ 4 Frames (16 Prims) ($49)
Boxes: Tatty Soup ~ Shabby Box Set (7 Prims) ($20)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


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Skybox: Buttons ~ Rainy Days Skybox ($1)
White Shelf (all stuff on it included), Rug, and Chair: Emjay (FREE--Good Shit Hunt)
Flower in vase on top of shelf: Chronokit (FREE)
Picture 1 on wall: Insight Designs ~ Vintage Skies (FREE)
Clock: Chabinns ~ Shadow Clock (FREE)
Picture 2 on wall: Tatty Soup ($10)
Picture 3 on wall: Tatty Soup ($10)
Bag with bread: KOISADA ~ Kago Bag (FREE)
Baskets: Y's House ~ Display Kago01 (FREE---group gift)
Coffee Table: LISP ~ Jeweled Inlaid Table with Sits (FREE---sent through subscribo)
Cello: Ryuu Guitars (FREE)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home 1: Blue Hues

Ohhhh boy, I've been slacking on this blog! I just switched up my skybox so figured it was time for a new post. I'm using the past group gift fitting room skybox from Double Paradox. I really love simple low prim sky boxes with light textures, they're like a blank canvas. I love the light that streams through the window on this one. I find I have a much easier time decorating a smaller space instead of trying to tackle a whole house. I'll be honest, kind of dreading posting all the credits but here it goes! View the pics larger on my flickr

From Left to Right:
Wood bench with phone: (arcade) ~ Wood crosscut bench with telephone (Past 50LF item) (12 prims)
Green prints on wall: Second Spaces ~ Green Fabric Prints (3 prims) ($40)
Heart Print: What Next ~ May Print (2 prims) (Past May Group Gift)
Basket: Kinokoko - Laundry Basket (1 prim) (FREE)
Slippers: 2g ~ Babouche (6 prims) (FREE)
Form: Shop Seu (1 prim) ($80)
Vinyl Shelf: Fabulous Soul Records ~ Petit Vinyl Shelf (7 prims) (FREE on the lucky board)
Record Player: Fabulous Soul Records ~ VM 306 Vintage Turntable 12inch Pink (15 prims) ($100)
Fan: OO on xstreet ~ Vintage Electric Fan (3 prims) ($350) (Borrowed from my friend Fancy!)
Clock: *chronokit* Clock No10 -propeller- S (6 prims) (FREE)
Lily on ground: *chronokit* lily pink (6 prims) (FREE)
Frame (doesn't include picture): *chronokit* frame01[ENG] (3 prims) (FREE---group gift)
Fireplace with books: Arcade ~ Recycled Fireplace (14 prims) Books (4 prims) Mat (1 prim)

From left to right:
Lightbulb: LISP ~ Sir Bob Animated Lightbulb Hanging (7 prims) ($45)
Cushion: The Loft ~ Alex Pouf (2 prims) (Past 50L F item, $150 now)
TV: Artilleri ~ Tahoe TV (13 prims) (Past 50L F item)
Memory Box: What Next ~ Memory Box (Coastal) (9 prims) ($100)
Shelf: What Next ~  February Shelf (7 prims) (Past Group Gift)

From left to right:
Pictures on wall: Junk Drawer ~ Bogart (2 prims) and Sidewalk Cafe (1 prims) (FREE)
Suitcases: Picnic ~ Trunkcases (2 prims each) (from Winter Choice event)
Pot dude: The Loft - Pot Dude (13 prims) (FREE---sent through subscribo recently)
Rack with small pots: Kinokoko - Garden Rack(WHITE) (4 prims) (1 prim each for pots) (FREE)
Cat: Shop Seu (1 prim) ($120)
Fan: Artilleri ~ Simple Blue Wall Fan (1 prim) ($30)

Sun Mirrors: True Love Never Dies ~ Sun Mirror (2 prims each) ($50)
Table and Chair: Smiling Cat ~ Wooden Folding Table (5 prims) Heart Folding Chair (14 prims)
Books: Cheap Cheap ~ Livres (2 prims each)
Sandwich: Atmosphere Works ~ Clubhouse Sandwich (5 prims) (FREE)
Mugs: {theosophy} Coffee Mugs (4 prims each)
Ashtray: :YONEYA: Cigarettes and ashtray (1 prim) (FREE)
Candle: Kinokoko - Table Candle (3 prims) (FREE)
Empty Frames on floor: La'Licious~ Meila Frames {Fall}(3 prims) (Past Gift)
Sewing Stuff: MMG's (see previous post)

Couch: [S2] Classic Sofa 2s (Pink) (6 prims) ($80)
Rugs: Molto Bene ~ Fishie Rugs (1 prim each) (FREE)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheap Cheap

I can't remember how I came across this shop but I'm certainly glad I did.
Cheap Cheap has many cute low price items, I didn't see anything over 40 Lindens!
If you're into shabby chic decor, it might be the place for you especially if you're on a budget :-D

Collage: Affiche I &; II ~ $40 each (1 Prim)

Bear Picture: Tableau Ours ~ $40 (1 Prim)
Candles: Bougies Vertes III ~ $2 (4 Prims)
Plates: $10 each (1 Prim each)
Plate with Crackers: $10 (9 Prims)
Cupboard: Buffet I ~ $35 (12 Prims) (Hiding poses in the bottom!)
Chair: Chaise Haute Pois Bleus ~ $20 (10 Prims)

Suitcase: Valisette II ~ $30 (4 Prims)
Book with birds on cover: Livre II ~ $5 (2 Prims)
Cupcake: $5 (6 Prims)
Macaron: $5 each (3 Prims)
Duck: $5 (2 Prims)
Marshmallows: $5 (4 Prims)
Candle in Cup: $5 (5 Prims)
Small Table with Tablecloth: $20 (6 Prims)

Polaroids: $35 (1 Prim)

Table: Table Haute I ~ $15 (8 Prims)
Cups with steaming drink: $15 each (6 prims)
Chairs: $20 each (10 prims)

Wooden House Shelf: $20 (21 Prims)
Bunny: $5 (6 Prims)
Cupcakes: $10 each (6 Prims)
Teacup with Rose: $10 (6 Prims)

Desk: $35 (11 Prims) (has a cute sleeping pose!)
Book $5 (2 Prims)
Chair: $20 (10 Prims)

Chest: $30 (9 Prims) (Hiding Pose!)

Candles: $1 each (1 prim)

Creator: Flanelle Bebb

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sewing Set at MM's & MMG's

I'm always on the look out for cute small items to decorate my space with.  I think the small details you add give your home more personality and character.

I came across a store called MM's & MMG's today which I had never heard of before. I'm not a big sewer in RL but these cute sewing accessories caught my eye.

You can get each sewing accessory in this gacha for $10 each.  Each bobbin comes as a pair so there are 6 to collect. There is also a wood spool, a sewing cloth and a ruler.

You can get the pin cushion spool stand for free on the lucky board to complete your sewing set!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Besides fashion I have a love for interior design and art. I'm constantly amazed by the creativity I encounter in SL so I've started this second blog to showcase some of my favorite items. I'm a constant SL wanderer so I'm always finding new things.

I literally just found this store and I'm in love! Pictures won't do these items justice so definitely TP over and check it out.
The store is called Neirotoe
You will see a collection of small televisions that have cute animated pictures inside them.

-The knobs of the TV turn while the pictures move back and forth. 
-The colorful mushrooms float across the girls face.
-The girl with long hair opens and closes her eyes.
-The 3 heads float around on the screen.
Price: $200 L
Permissions: no copy, no mod, transfer
Prims: 17

-These pictures are also animated and they both play a song. 
-You click on the colored balls to change the instruments in the song (ie: drums, bass, guitar)

Price: $400 each
Permissions: no copy, no mod, transfer
Prims: 7 + 2 for the pole it's attached to (I think pole is optional)

You can hear the humming of these projectors as the one called "Tip Toe" plays a looped image of someone walking. The other projector plays a loop of a park swing swinging back and forth.

Price: $400 each
Prims: 22
Permissions: no copy, no mod, transfer