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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Besides fashion I have a love for interior design and art. I'm constantly amazed by the creativity I encounter in SL so I've started this second blog to showcase some of my favorite items. I'm a constant SL wanderer so I'm always finding new things.

I literally just found this store and I'm in love! Pictures won't do these items justice so definitely TP over and check it out.
The store is called Neirotoe
You will see a collection of small televisions that have cute animated pictures inside them.

-The knobs of the TV turn while the pictures move back and forth. 
-The colorful mushrooms float across the girls face.
-The girl with long hair opens and closes her eyes.
-The 3 heads float around on the screen.
Price: $200 L
Permissions: no copy, no mod, transfer
Prims: 17

-These pictures are also animated and they both play a song. 
-You click on the colored balls to change the instruments in the song (ie: drums, bass, guitar)

Price: $400 each
Permissions: no copy, no mod, transfer
Prims: 7 + 2 for the pole it's attached to (I think pole is optional)

You can hear the humming of these projectors as the one called "Tip Toe" plays a looped image of someone walking. The other projector plays a loop of a park swing swinging back and forth.

Price: $400 each
Prims: 22
Permissions: no copy, no mod, transfer

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