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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heads and Teacups

I plan on trying to post here more often, but for now just a little snap of the table in my house. I love these new figure heads from Picnic, only $10 per play and 1 prim each. 
Table: Zigana .Table flower (2 prims) (Nalena Fairey) 
Chair: Zigana .Chair green tea (1 prim) (Nalena Fairey)
Postcards: verspertine. (2 prims) (Amelie Knelstrom) 
Candle: Art Dummy - Rusy Candlestick (4 prims) (Gala Charron)
Curtain: nodari - greeni. - curtain. (2 prims) (Jordan Giant)
Flowers: -Hanaya- Tulips in Glass Vase (4 prims) (Moriko Inshan)
Teacup: LISP - Rose Cup Pink Pattern (5 prims) (Pandora Popstar)
Lamp: LISP - Masala Chai  Lamp Pink (10 prims) (Pandora Popstar)
Letters: [croire] to the beautiful girl (1 prim) (Emily Kaestner) 
Figure Heads: Picnic (1 prim each) (nyasyousa Oh)

Monday, November 29, 2010


owl decals: [croire] owl wall decal (black) (by Emily Kaestner)
heart frame: [*Art Dummy!] Tin Heart (by Gala Charron)
lamp: [North West] Bitter lamp (red flowers) (by Lili Brink)
left yellow chair: The Loft - Bryn Armchair Yellow (by Colleen Desmoulins)
bench: The Loft - Suede Storage Bench (by Colleen Desmoulins)
tray: The Loft - Tea Tray (by Colleen Desmoulins)
right yellow chair: [*Art Dummy!]  (Brick) Yellow Chair 2.0 (by Gala Charron)
basket: [*Art Dummy!] Traveling Basket (by Gala Charron)

rug: Zigana - Rug sand ($10) (by Nalena Fairey)
table: {SS} Cider House Table (by Stein Shilova)
incense: ) AI ( - "Waxing Moon", Single Stick Incense in a Stone Boat (free--midnight mania) (by AlchemyImmortalis Cyannis)
letters: [croire] letters from the attic (free) (by Emily Kaestner)
flower: *chronokit* lily white (free) (by Emily Kaestner)
cat: shop seu (1 prim) (by seu Ahn)
left bike pic: ::AB:: Flower Shop Bicycle print (free) (by Clementine Ishtari)
cabinet: *~MMG's~* Drawer cabinet+3Photoframe_4prim [milky] (by masomaso Quan)
vases: Turnip's Summer Mosaic Pot (by Turnip Sorbet)
right flowers pic: :: AB :: Paris Bicyle print (free) (by Clementine Ishtari)
pouf: The Loft - Alex Pouf (by Colleen Desmoulins)
panda/girl painting: .::PopArt::. Picture mjkl ($1) (by Fionna Cale)
red pouf: [ARIA] Mela Pouf (by Yelo Uriza)

book on floor: :: AB :: The Velveteen Rabbit (w/pages) (by Clementine Ishtari)
coffee table: Magoa ~ Iconic Table (Grace Kelly) (by Keira Seerose)
alarm clock: [North West] Little Alarm Clock (pink) (by Lili Brink)
laptop: made by my friend Fancy Scrabblebat
teddy bear: *SHOP SEU* 1prim TeddyBear -flower- (by seu Ahn)
couch: The Loft - Alex Sofa Black (by Colleen Desmoulins)
vintage pics: Tatty Soup ($10 each) (by Tab Tatham)
rug: Zigana (by Nalena Fairey)

Pumpkins: Concrete Flowers - Painted Pumpkins (free) (by Daizy Dumpling)
wall fan: /artilleri/ simple blue wall fan (by Antonia Marat)
books/bird: LISP - Gatcha - Book Birdy (by Pandora Popstar)
clock: /artilleri/ Charles wall clock (by Antonia Marat)
canvases: [ARIA] Mela canvas trio (by Yelo Uriza)
butterfly lights: [croire] butterfly lights (by Emily Kaestner)

Skybox: Tee*fy - Season Skybox (by Azure Electricteeth)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Delights of Daydreams

(from left to right)
Skybox: PASH ~ Little Haven Skybox *Inara* (Everything there is under $5.....this skybox comes furnished and unfurnished!)
Boxes: IZUMIYA ~ Old Cloth Box/Brown and Teal (FREE---on floor at store)
Pots: Turnip's Home ~ Mosaic Pots (From a past 50L Friday) (oops texture didn't rezz)
Chandelier: Kyoot Home ~ Mason Jar Chandelier (from this past 50L Friday)
Painting: L'Aristocrat by Rhonda Molinaro ----found at Morantique ($150)
Couch: Tatty Soup ~ Idlers Couch (FREE--was sent through subscribo)
Rugs: Croire ~ Rugs from the Attic (FREE---1k subscribo gift)
Shelves: Kyoot Home ~  Drawer Set 5 (FREE---was sent through subscribo, there is another version on the lucky boards)
Lamp: {theosophy} Whixley Lamp (FREE---was sent through subscribo)
Flower Pots: Kyoot Home ~ Bright Flower Pots (FREE--on the lucky board)
Wall Art: Shopaholic's Anonymous ($25)
Dresser: Gritty Kitty ~ Coffee Rings Dresser ($60)
Picture Frame: Junkyard ~ drag and drop picture frame ($100)
Candle: Herbalys ~ Candle Magi (FREE--at store)
Flowers: Aria ~ Lilo teacup with flowers (Free or $1 at the Freestyle Evil Lair)
Pillows: Second Spaces
Notebooks: BP* (past group gift)
Slippers: Surf Co
Books: SunnyM. ~ Little Book Pile

Monday, July 19, 2010


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Skybox: Molto Bene! - SL House & Garden Group Gift Skybox (FREE-55 Prims)
Easel: Concrete Flowers ~ Art Easel (2 Prims) ($39)
Beach and Surfin Signs: Tatty Soup (1 Prim Each) ($10 each)
Shelf with Books: Tatty Soup ~ Kokomo Shelf (7 Prims) ($40)
Pot: Turnip's Homes and Stuff ~ Turnip's Summer Mosaic Pot (large) (From this past 50LF)
Table: Tatty Soup ~ In My Room Table (2 Prims) ($40)
Book: Tatty Soup ~ Old Book (2 Prims) (FREE)
Candles: Tatty Soup ~ 3 Candles (3 Prims) ($10)
Wooden Fish: Tatty Soup (4 Prims) ($20)
Bird Picture: Tatty Soup (2 Prims) ($10)
Sun Mirror: True Love Never Dies (2 Prims) ($50)

Frames: Once Upon a Time ~ 4 Frames (16 Prims) ($49)
Boxes: Tatty Soup ~ Shabby Box Set (7 Prims) ($20)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


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Skybox: Buttons ~ Rainy Days Skybox ($1)
White Shelf (all stuff on it included), Rug, and Chair: Emjay (FREE--Good Shit Hunt)
Flower in vase on top of shelf: Chronokit (FREE)
Picture 1 on wall: Insight Designs ~ Vintage Skies (FREE)
Clock: Chabinns ~ Shadow Clock (FREE)
Picture 2 on wall: Tatty Soup ($10)
Picture 3 on wall: Tatty Soup ($10)
Bag with bread: KOISADA ~ Kago Bag (FREE)
Baskets: Y's House ~ Display Kago01 (FREE---group gift)
Coffee Table: LISP ~ Jeweled Inlaid Table with Sits (FREE---sent through subscribo)
Cello: Ryuu Guitars (FREE)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home 1: Blue Hues

Ohhhh boy, I've been slacking on this blog! I just switched up my skybox so figured it was time for a new post. I'm using the past group gift fitting room skybox from Double Paradox. I really love simple low prim sky boxes with light textures, they're like a blank canvas. I love the light that streams through the window on this one. I find I have a much easier time decorating a smaller space instead of trying to tackle a whole house. I'll be honest, kind of dreading posting all the credits but here it goes! View the pics larger on my flickr

From Left to Right:
Wood bench with phone: (arcade) ~ Wood crosscut bench with telephone (Past 50LF item) (12 prims)
Green prints on wall: Second Spaces ~ Green Fabric Prints (3 prims) ($40)
Heart Print: What Next ~ May Print (2 prims) (Past May Group Gift)
Basket: Kinokoko - Laundry Basket (1 prim) (FREE)
Slippers: 2g ~ Babouche (6 prims) (FREE)
Form: Shop Seu (1 prim) ($80)
Vinyl Shelf: Fabulous Soul Records ~ Petit Vinyl Shelf (7 prims) (FREE on the lucky board)
Record Player: Fabulous Soul Records ~ VM 306 Vintage Turntable 12inch Pink (15 prims) ($100)
Fan: OO on xstreet ~ Vintage Electric Fan (3 prims) ($350) (Borrowed from my friend Fancy!)
Clock: *chronokit* Clock No10 -propeller- S (6 prims) (FREE)
Lily on ground: *chronokit* lily pink (6 prims) (FREE)
Frame (doesn't include picture): *chronokit* frame01[ENG] (3 prims) (FREE---group gift)
Fireplace with books: Arcade ~ Recycled Fireplace (14 prims) Books (4 prims) Mat (1 prim)

From left to right:
Lightbulb: LISP ~ Sir Bob Animated Lightbulb Hanging (7 prims) ($45)
Cushion: The Loft ~ Alex Pouf (2 prims) (Past 50L F item, $150 now)
TV: Artilleri ~ Tahoe TV (13 prims) (Past 50L F item)
Memory Box: What Next ~ Memory Box (Coastal) (9 prims) ($100)
Shelf: What Next ~  February Shelf (7 prims) (Past Group Gift)

From left to right:
Pictures on wall: Junk Drawer ~ Bogart (2 prims) and Sidewalk Cafe (1 prims) (FREE)
Suitcases: Picnic ~ Trunkcases (2 prims each) (from Winter Choice event)
Pot dude: The Loft - Pot Dude (13 prims) (FREE---sent through subscribo recently)
Rack with small pots: Kinokoko - Garden Rack(WHITE) (4 prims) (1 prim each for pots) (FREE)
Cat: Shop Seu (1 prim) ($120)
Fan: Artilleri ~ Simple Blue Wall Fan (1 prim) ($30)

Sun Mirrors: True Love Never Dies ~ Sun Mirror (2 prims each) ($50)
Table and Chair: Smiling Cat ~ Wooden Folding Table (5 prims) Heart Folding Chair (14 prims)
Books: Cheap Cheap ~ Livres (2 prims each)
Sandwich: Atmosphere Works ~ Clubhouse Sandwich (5 prims) (FREE)
Mugs: {theosophy} Coffee Mugs (4 prims each)
Ashtray: :YONEYA: Cigarettes and ashtray (1 prim) (FREE)
Candle: Kinokoko - Table Candle (3 prims) (FREE)
Empty Frames on floor: La'Licious~ Meila Frames {Fall}(3 prims) (Past Gift)
Sewing Stuff: MMG's (see previous post)

Couch: [S2] Classic Sofa 2s (Pink) (6 prims) ($80)
Rugs: Molto Bene ~ Fishie Rugs (1 prim each) (FREE)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheap Cheap

I can't remember how I came across this shop but I'm certainly glad I did.
Cheap Cheap has many cute low price items, I didn't see anything over 40 Lindens!
If you're into shabby chic decor, it might be the place for you especially if you're on a budget :-D

Collage: Affiche I &; II ~ $40 each (1 Prim)

Bear Picture: Tableau Ours ~ $40 (1 Prim)
Candles: Bougies Vertes III ~ $2 (4 Prims)
Plates: $10 each (1 Prim each)
Plate with Crackers: $10 (9 Prims)
Cupboard: Buffet I ~ $35 (12 Prims) (Hiding poses in the bottom!)
Chair: Chaise Haute Pois Bleus ~ $20 (10 Prims)

Suitcase: Valisette II ~ $30 (4 Prims)
Book with birds on cover: Livre II ~ $5 (2 Prims)
Cupcake: $5 (6 Prims)
Macaron: $5 each (3 Prims)
Duck: $5 (2 Prims)
Marshmallows: $5 (4 Prims)
Candle in Cup: $5 (5 Prims)
Small Table with Tablecloth: $20 (6 Prims)

Polaroids: $35 (1 Prim)

Table: Table Haute I ~ $15 (8 Prims)
Cups with steaming drink: $15 each (6 prims)
Chairs: $20 each (10 prims)

Wooden House Shelf: $20 (21 Prims)
Bunny: $5 (6 Prims)
Cupcakes: $10 each (6 Prims)
Teacup with Rose: $10 (6 Prims)

Desk: $35 (11 Prims) (has a cute sleeping pose!)
Book $5 (2 Prims)
Chair: $20 (10 Prims)

Chest: $30 (9 Prims) (Hiding Pose!)

Candles: $1 each (1 prim)

Creator: Flanelle Bebb