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Monday, August 23, 2010

Delights of Daydreams

(from left to right)
Skybox: PASH ~ Little Haven Skybox *Inara* (Everything there is under $5.....this skybox comes furnished and unfurnished!)
Boxes: IZUMIYA ~ Old Cloth Box/Brown and Teal (FREE---on floor at store)
Pots: Turnip's Home ~ Mosaic Pots (From a past 50L Friday) (oops texture didn't rezz)
Chandelier: Kyoot Home ~ Mason Jar Chandelier (from this past 50L Friday)
Painting: L'Aristocrat by Rhonda Molinaro ----found at Morantique ($150)
Couch: Tatty Soup ~ Idlers Couch (FREE--was sent through subscribo)
Rugs: Croire ~ Rugs from the Attic (FREE---1k subscribo gift)
Shelves: Kyoot Home ~  Drawer Set 5 (FREE---was sent through subscribo, there is another version on the lucky boards)
Lamp: {theosophy} Whixley Lamp (FREE---was sent through subscribo)
Flower Pots: Kyoot Home ~ Bright Flower Pots (FREE--on the lucky board)
Wall Art: Shopaholic's Anonymous ($25)
Dresser: Gritty Kitty ~ Coffee Rings Dresser ($60)
Picture Frame: Junkyard ~ drag and drop picture frame ($100)
Candle: Herbalys ~ Candle Magi (FREE--at store)
Flowers: Aria ~ Lilo teacup with flowers (Free or $1 at the Freestyle Evil Lair)
Pillows: Second Spaces
Notebooks: BP* (past group gift)
Slippers: Surf Co
Books: SunnyM. ~ Little Book Pile


  1. This looks great - I really love the strong colours mix! And thank you so much for the SURLs. :-)